Harold M. Pool Recognition Award

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photo of Harold Pool

Harold M. Pool

The Mile High Chapter of AITP established the Harold M. Pool Recognition Award, previously known as the Harold M. Pool Memorial Scholarship, in memory of its first president and long time mentor. The chapter was founded in 1952 and Harold was an active member until his death in February, 2001.

To be eligible to receive an award, candidates must be national AITP student members. The students must be either members of a Mile High Chapter-sponsoredAITP student chapter, or individual members enrolled in a Colorado college or university if an official AITP student chapter does not exist at their school. Each must be nominated by their AITP student chapter advisor or, in the case of individual members, by a member of the Mile High Chapter.

The following Colorado schools are currently affiliated with the Chapter and have AITP student chapters:

  • Colorado Mesa University – CMU  (formerly Mesa State College – MSC), Grand Junction
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver – MSU of Denver  (formerly Metropolitan State College of Denver – MSCD)

The goal of the award is to encourage those students whom the Chapter believes will continue Harold’s legacy.  These students are typically active in AITP, have a propensity for mentoring others, and obviously care about the success of others. Nominations are solicited and accepted in the spring.

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The fund is managed for the Mile High Chapter of AITP by the Foundation of Information Technology Education (FITE). Gifts and grants to the Foundation are exempt from Federal Income Tax, under section 501 (c) 3, Internal Revenue Code. Scholarship awards are made at the Mile High Chapter’s May meeting.    or   Click here to download the Mail-in donation form.

Past Winners:

Year Recipient Advisor(s)
2002 Edward Fancher, MSC Dr. Chad Grabow
2003 Kimberley K. Lee, MSC Dr. Chad Grabow
2004 Erin R. Ray, MSC Dr. Denise McGinnis
Kyle C. Kowalski MSCD Prof. Annette Lege
2005 Breanne Baptista, MSC Dr. Donald Carpenter
2006 William Jackson, MSC Dr. Johnny Snyder
Miri T. McDanal, MSCD Prof. Annette Lege
2007 Telicia Chaffin, MSC Dr. Johnny Snyder
2008 Loren K. Gabriel, MSC Dr. Johnny Snyder
2009 Edward W. Cart, MSC Dr. Johnny Snyder
Angelia D. Schulte, MSCD Prof. Annette Lege and Dr. Mark Segall
2010 Carl L. Nesbit, MSC Dr. Johnny Snyder
Joshua Schwartz, MSCD Prof. Annette Lege and Dr. Mark Segall
2011 Michael T. Ervin. MSC Dr. Johnny Snyder
2012 Heather Ann Flaherty, CMU Dr. Johnny Snyder
2013 Paul M. DuCray, CMU Dr. Johnny Snyder
2014 Kaemen C. Chiles (CMU) Dr. Johnny Snyder
 2014 Tanya N. Turitto (MSUD) Prof. Annette Lege and Dr. Mark Segall
2015 Jordan P. Fisher (CMU) Dr. Johnny Snyder and
Dr. David Pumphrey
2016 JD. Goracke (CMU)
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Dr. Johnny Snyder and
Dr. David Pumphrey
2017 Hilary A. Kennedy (CMU) Dr. Johnny Snyder and

Dr. David Pumphrey

Scholarship/Award Specifics

For specific details on either of our scholarships or the application/nomination process, please use the contact form and select “scholarships”.