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Virtualization: Why Not Live on the Leading Edge

By: Patrick Carmichael

Patrick CarmichaelThe IT market as a whole – is rapidly-moving to a containerized future.  The world of IT is being torn out from under us; while we used to think of applications as software packages installed in an operating system and running on a physical server in a rack living in our own datacenter, the rapidly mobile and evolutionary future of web-based and agile software simply doesn’t work that way.  The marketplace, both in the nimble startup and the stoic enterprise, is sliding ever forward into a different paradigm, that we must all adapt to or be left behind.  Why not embrace it first, and live on the leading edge of the wave, instead of getting swept away?

Patrick Carmichael, is a Sr Architect for VMware in their LiVefire Services team. His IT professional experience stretches back to the old days of SunOS Unix and NCAR Supercomputing clusters, all the way up to the modern automated cloud and containerized world we’re glimpsing today. He is a VMware and storage expert, as well as advisor to several companies on the virtualized marketplace and storage landscape, and is a five-time VMworld presenter (Just Because You Could, Doesn’t Mean you Should). In his free time, he enjoys convoluted analogies, fast cars, and good food. (http://www NULL.vmware


What is your Proactive Job Plan? Building and Using Your Network to Stay Ahead of the Game

By: Robert Thomas

Are you a reactive or proactive job seeker? Why are you still looking for a job or working in an unhappy one? Why isn’t your next job already waiting for you when it is time to move?

Rob ThomasYou should have had several to choose from. Why you should already be planning and preparing for your next job when you may already have a “good job”. How can you get a better job with no degree, no certifications, and little or no relevant experience in a job market flooded with unemployed talent? What is the health of your network and what are its components. What is your care in feeding plan for your network? How can your network benefit others?

Rob Thomas is a technology professional whose career spans many disciplines and three decades. From wrenching on motorcycles, working as a stone cutter, to cryogenic programs in the United States Marine Corps. Also, having held various management, engineering, and sales positions with AT&T, Avaya, NCR, and Lucent (to name a few). He now works as a technical support engineer at VMware where he was yet again recruited by a former mentor/manager. He has given both personal and professional presentations, on many topics, all over the globe. And his dragon boat team took the gold medal home this year too.

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